Cool and shady, wild and untamed,  the “Fairy Glen” is our new addition to the Farm.  We leveled the ground,  (to accommodate chairs for guests), built a stone wall and a rustic arbor. Fashioned out of cedar trees, the arbor looks as if Fairies dropped it in place without much fuss or planning.  The Bride (Photographed here by enters the Glen welcomed by a Fairy Statue and wanders a twisting path to meet her Groom at the arbor – decorated with wild vines and fairy lights. Landscaped in a carefully planned haphazard kind of a way,  the background of ferns and woodland plants frames the ceremony perfectly. Getting married here offers protection from the heat of the sun and higher ground ensures dry feet.

And of course –  all Fairy Glen Weddings are blessed by those tiny ethereal creatures.

Fairy Guarding the Glen

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