We lease a semi-permanent tent that adjoins our Pavilion to make our seating count 200. The tent comes decorated with a 45′ long branch structure suspended down the middle with white lights and 6 crystal chandeliers, and 12 other crystal chandeliers scattered throughout. The tent has retractable sidewalls that are easily opened or closed in case of changing weather.

Located in the center of the reception is a rustic 24 foot head table built with wood from our own barn, which seats approximately 20 people. We also offer 20 60-inch  round tables that seat up to 8 people per table

Your DJ will set up on the South end of the Pavilion for the wedding dance. There is a white buffet and bar available for use for coffee, cake, and desserts. Our Pavilion is light-filled and decorated with trees and white lights. It’s beautiful the way it is – but we can always add flowers according to your style and budget.


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