Elevate Your Event with Adagio:

Exclusive Music & Entertainment Partner at Camrose Hill

Experience unparalleled musical excellence with Adagio Djay Entertainment, the exclusive required vendor for Camrose Hill. From the moment you say ‘I Do’ to the last dance of the night, Adagio delivers high-quality service tailored to your every need.

Adagio provides full coverage ceremony music and sound amplification, ensuring every word is heard with crystal clarity. Set the mood with background music for cocktail hour and dinner, while their skilled emcees handle announcements with finesse. When it’s time to hit the dance floor, Adagio brings the party to life with electrifying beats and awesome LED dance floor lighting.

With a commitment to personalization, Adagio tailors their services to reflect your unique style and preferences. Inquire about their additional offerings, including live music, videography, and dance instruction, to make your event truly unforgettable.

Learn more at www.adagiodj.com and let Adagio set the stage for a night of timeless celebration at Camrose Hill.

Experience live music options for your ceremony and elevate your event with Boom Island String Quartet

Discover the enchanting melodies of Boom Island String Quartet, a vibrant ensemble based in the Twin Cities, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your event at Camrose Hill. With a diverse repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary and folk styles, they create a custom soundtrack tailored to your occasion.

Boom Island String Quartet specializes in providing background music for your social hour and ceremony, infusing each moment with the beauty of live music. From classical favorites to popular tunes, their music sets the perfect ambiance for your special day at Camrose Hill. Contact us to enhance your event with the captivating melodies of Boom Island String Quartet.

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